DNS Propagation Checker

This is a simple tool to query a long list of DNS servers, and check that they all return the correct info for the hostname you're interested in.

If all (or most) of the servers checked by this tool indicate the same desired result, then you can be pretty sure that your DNS change has propagated across most of the net.

This is useful to see when changes made via your domain registration or web hosting provider have been updated on your domain's authoritative DNS servers (select "Query this domain's nameservers") or have reached other caching resolvers (select "Query a random set of servers", or select to provide a list of servers you wish to query).

I need to update the DNS servers list, and trim out some old servers which seem to no longer work. I'll do that soon. If you have any servers you'd like to see on the list, mail me the details.

Enter the host/IP to look up and the type of record. If you enter an IP, the type selected will be ignored, and a PTR lookup will be automatically performed.

If you'd like to query a specific set of servers rather than a random selection from my list, select "specified servers".

Hostname: Type:

Servers to query:
Domain to get nameservers from:

The code to this tool is Open Source, released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public Licence, version 3.

You can download the source: dns-propagation-tracker-0.03.tar.gz. If you use it, I'd greatly appreciate a quick email to davidp@preshweb.co.uk to let me know where you're using it and what for, but this is of course not required.

DNS Propagation Checker by David Precious (davidp@preshweb.co.uk)
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