One thought on “Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD 0.10 released”

  1. I have two questions:

    1) Is there a Dancer2 version of this? I am working strictly in Dancer2 now. When I first saw this, I knew I needed it in my site. I’ve been tinkering about with it for a few hours, and am now starting to dig through the code. That’s not something new to me, but, hey, if someone else has already done it, then why duplicate the effort, right?!?

    2) How do you work with more than one database table? I actually have five of them I’d like to use this on, and that number will do nothing but grow.

    From what I see in the demo, this looks like the perfect solution to what I need! I’m sincerely hoping I can pull it into my system and get it working!


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