Solving trouble codes P0480 / P0482 on Vectra Z22SE

Quick post for the benefit of anyone Googling for advice on this topic, as most of the results I found when searching were simply lists of all the fault codes, rather than anything useful pertaining to specific advice.

My Vectra B 2.2 LS (Z22SE engine) was reporting the following fault codes:

P0480 Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction
P0482 Cooling Fan 3 Control Circuit Malfunction

Upon investigation, the problem turned out to be simple – a blown maxi blade fuse in the relay & fuse box in front of the battery – the one shown removed below:

Swapped out that fuse, and job done, no more warning light on the dash.

I like easy fixes :)

9 thoughts on “Solving trouble codes P0480 / P0482 on Vectra Z22SE”

  1. my meriva has the fault code 480 showing with the service light on all the time…im gona try your suggestion in the morning ….fingers crossed

  2. Have you checked if the fuse blew again? If so, maybe you have a wiring fault somewhere, or the fan motor is buggered, or something is obstructing the fan from turning, so it’s causing the motor to pull too much current and blow the fuse. (If you have air con, there’ll be two fans; the main cooling fan facing into the engine bay, and also one to the left of it and half behind the bumper, blowing air across the AC condensor)

  3. wired the fan direct to the battery it works fine……ill be bald soon tearing my hair out with this

  4. Certainly possible it’s a relay at fault; I’d be more surprised if it was the ECU, to be honest. The fact that you found a blown fuse before suggests to me it’s more likely to be a wiring issue – but tracing the loom from the fan to the relay, fuse and ECU will probably be a pain in the arse.

    If the Meriva is anything like some Vectras, there may be a “cooling control module” mounted somewhere near the front of the engine bay, likely down behind the bumper – this could be the culprit, possibly.

  5. Hi I’m having a problem with my 1800 vectra c it has the code fault cooling malfunction 3 on the display shows a car with spanner and temperature gauge goes not move off zero unless ideling any idea what this could be? Thanks

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