How to lose a customer, ASDA

I’ve been doing my grocery shopping online for quite some time using Tesco, and have been very happy. I decided to try out ASDA’s offering, prompted somewhat by an attractive voucher offer – so I placed an order for delivery today, applied the voucher (it was successfully accepted and applied by their website), and got the confirmation email.

An hour after the delivery slot selected, no delivery, and no contact from ASDA. I phoned their customer services, and was told the order had been cancelled because I used an “invalid voucher”. This would be the voucher they created and distributed, which their website confirmed was acceptable and applied to my order. Not only that, they didn’t bother to contact me at all to inform me they were cancelling the order – so I would have been sitting waiting all afternoon for a delivery which was never to show up.

Not what I’d consider a decent first impression. Back to Tesco I go – I shan’t be using ASDA again. Now if I could just find an option to delete my ASDA account, or at least remove the card details from it (which I don’t recall authorising them to store)…

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  1. Delivery not made for groceries. No one contacted me. Call centre refused to refund the delivery cost even though 24 hrs later I do not have the items they are meant to have delivered! Had to argue with them till they refunded delivery cost. Was told someone from the store would contact me. Noone has 18 hours after delivery time . They have charged my account for the groceries I do not even have and refund will take 10 days. Ironically this was me giving then a second chance after the exact same thing happened a year ago where they repeatedly told me my delivery would be with me with the next hour , for an entire 24 hour period. No apology, money taken from my account for no groceries delivered. Just appalling.

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