I’m a professional Perl developer and open-source enthusiast, and have released various open source projects, and contributed to many more. This page attempts to summarise some of them.

My CPAN distributions

My profile and public repos on Github

My profile on Ohloh

Some of my Perl modules on CPAN

(See the rest on my CPAN account)

DNS propagation tracker

A useful tool to query various different DNS resolvers and compare the responses: DNS propagation tracker

Other scripts

  • – a quick Perl script to update the ID3 tags of audio tracks based on their filenames
  • – a script to automatically rename MP3s according to their ID3 tags
  • auto-name-incoming – a script to monitor a directory for new files and automatically move them to a different destination directory, renaming them with sequential filenames

XChat plugins

Two plugins for XChat, a popular IRC client:

  • Parse Netlink Messages – parses messages relayed from one IRC channel to another (typically on a different network) by the NetLink eggdrop script written by David Proper and turns them into “normal” channel messages.
  • Filter Messages – filters out messages matching any of an easily-customisable set of regular expression matches

Other projects

I’ve contributed bug reports, patches, feature requests and improvements to various other open source projects. I’m currently a core contributor to the Dancer Perl web framework.

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