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Battlefield 3 looks awesome… pre-order time

I really enjoy Battlefield: Bad Company 2, finding it a much better game all-round than Call of Duty, and I’ve been planning a pre-order of Battlefield 3 when it comes out, but today I saw some of the awesome gameplay videos on YouTube including this one:

It’s looking to be excellent stuff, and the new co-op play sounds interesting, too.

Amusingly, you can pre-order Battlefield 3 Special Edition on Amazon for £38.91 at the time of writing, cheaper than the “Standard Edition” at £43.56, and a shade cheaper than who want £39.81. Amazon also claim “Pre-order Battlefield 3 with us at before 23:59 on Thursday, October 27 and you’ll receive a code to download the Specact Kit DLC – not a massive selling point, but extra stuff for free.

(If you haven’t played it yet, you can pick up Battlefield Bad Company 2 for under £15 – well worth it!)