We shouldn’t arrest criminals anymore?

What the fuck?

From a BBC news story, the grandfather of a murdered youth argues that anti-social youths should not have been arrested:

The grandfather of a Luton cyclist killed in a “targeted attack” has said arrests at the scene of the death will not ease growing tensions.

Seven youths were held for public order and drugs offences at a temporary memorial for Delaney Brown in Vincent Road, Luton on Wednesday night.
Delaney Brown Senior said the men “need counselling, not arresting” but police said “appropriate action” was required.
At a community meeting on Thursday, Mr Brown’s grandfather said police should have called community leaders to the scene.

I’m sorry – these youths were hanging around, drinking, possessing drugs (allegedly) and acting in an anti-social manner, and hurling rocks and bottles at police, and this man thinks they should not be arrested, but should be “counselled” instead? What the actual fuck? If you act in that way, you should, nay, must be arrested. Emotional tension after a gang member was murdered (apparently in a dispute between two families, if previous stories are to be believed) does not excuse such behaviour.