Ok, I’m David Precious, I’m 39, I’m a Dad of two and I work remotely as a programmer – Perl, Javascript/Typescript, Puppet, etc. I have been working remotely for years, originally for UK2.net in the web hosting industry, and now for Kaarbontech – we make asset management software for local authorities to track maintenance of their drains/gullies, trees, grit bins etc.

I use Linux and Open Source software extensively and contribute to various Open Source projects. I’m part of the core development team for the Perl Dancer web framework and a member of the freenode infrastruture team.

More details on work experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

I have released quite a few modules on CPAN, and taken on maintenance of several more to keep them alive for everyone’s good.

When I’m not working with computers, I sometimes play games – Minecraft (I run a public server, too), flight simulation (X-Plane), ETS2, GTA, etc etc.

Besides computers I like beer, cycling, darts, squash, pool, music, and beer.

Contacting Me

Email: davidp@preshweb.co.uk

I can often be found on IRC, as bigpresh, on Freenode, irc.perl.org and EFNet.


My public GPG/PGP key

My SSH public key

If I’m helping you with a system and you need to add me an account, I have a simple script to help, which you can use as follows:

wget -O- http://www.preshweb.co.uk/downloads/add-dave | sudo bash

This script will add a user account for me (named davidp), download my SSH key so I can access it without you having to send me a password insecurely, and add me to the sudo group. Obviously, don’t use it unless you want me to have that level of access. If for some reason you don’t use sudo, then remove “sudo” from the command above, and run it as root.

Various links

Links to my other sites, and sites I frequent:

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David Precious – professional Perl developer, motorcyclist and beer drinker