Lyrics::Fetcher 0.3.2 released

I’ve now taken over maintainership of Lyrics::Fetcher Perl module on CPAN">Lyrics::Fetcher, and just released version 0.3.2 to CPAN.

Lyrics::Fetcher is a CPAN Perl module to fetch song lyrics from the web. Lyrics::Fetcher itself provides a consistent interface, and can use a variety of “fetchers” – various modules in the namespace Lyrics::Fetcher::*

It was developed in 2003 by Sir Reflog, but has not been maintained since then.

The author kindly agreed to transfer maintainership of the module to me, so I’ve fixed it up so that it passes tests and works, and released the new version to CPAN.

I have plans to add some new features to Lyrics::Fetcher, including the ability to automatically try all available fetcher modules until one suceeds in fetching lyrics for the requested song.

I would also like to write some more fetchers for different lyrics sites (I’ve already written and released Lyrics::Fetcher::AZLyrics, a Perl module on CPAN to fetch song lyrics from">Lyrics::Fetcher::AZLyrics which fetches lyrics from

The new version of Lyrics::Fetcher was uploaded last night, so it should have reached most CPAN mirrors by the time you read this.