I hate trains

I’m writing this post on a train, using my Blackberry. Man, I hate rush-hour trains. Given the choice, I ride my motorbike to work, but, unfortunately, its off the road at the moment, waiting for a replacement engine to be couriered down from Wigan.Even if its pissing with rain, I’d still pick the bike over the train, any day. Why? Well, let’s see:

  • The bike costs me about 6-7 quid a day in petrol (and add a few more for maintenance, tyres etc)
  • I leave when I want to leave, get straight out there, pull up outside work, lock up and go in
  • It’s generally an enjoyable ride – filtering through traffic can be quite satisfying :)

Now, for taking the train:

  • The train is costing me just shy of 20 quid for a return ticket
  • I’m standing here all the way to London as there’s no seats free at all
  • I’m surrounded by people – I hate strangers invading my space
  • It’s boiling hot – this was briefly pleasant after freezing my ass off waiting for the train, but is now uncomfortable
  • I had to wait around for the train, and now have to wait at Finsbury Park to change trains, then at Moorgate to get the sardine simulator, sorry, tube
  • I’ll then have to walk about 10/15 minutes from the tube station to work. I don’t mind walking, but its not so fun in the freezing cold or pissing rain.

And they wonder why people in this country drive everywhere rather than using public transport? Perhaps its because, quite frankly, our public transport sucks.

Oh well, here’s my next train.

Those of you who work from home, I envy you, I really, really do.

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