Interesting video inside an engine

by on Sep.30, 2007, under Uncategorized

Here’s an interesting slow-motion video taken by a camera mounted inside an engine, showing the inlet, compression, combustion and exhaust cycle… impressive stuff!

So, if you didn’t know what happens inside your car or bike engine – now you do :)


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  • tonyB

    Its a shame the vid could of been 8 seconds long as its just the same thing over and over lol.

  • Used Engines

    Wow, coolest video I’ve seen in a while,. Ya learn something new every day huh :)

  • Used Engine

    Now that is a cool video! Just wish it wasn’t in a ‘fish eye’ format and a little higher resolution. Very cool though and I think I’m gonna show my class this next week since we are discussing engines.

  • Corine

    Terrific! I am very much amazed of I have seen in this video. Before, I really can’t imagine the combustion process, but now i could see it. I wish it’s bigger so that I could see it even better, but this is very impressive.

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