These two are what’s wrong with this country

These two lazy freeloading bastards are a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country.

They make me sick. Am I being a muppet by working my damned arse off to earn money, so that a sizeable portion of it can be taken off me by the government to give to lazy fuckers like those two?


3 thoughts on “These two are what’s wrong with this country”

  1. That is pathetic. While (by the sounds of it) I would not want to live in their house – they sound like pigs, they also appear to have a higher standard of living that I do. I can tell you that I don;t have $3K worth of Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to go!

  2. Wow it really comes to something when your worried about getting a job because you will be earning less than the benefits you receive. What kind of incentive is that to get a job. If they are so self sufficient stop their benefits.

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