Looking for phishing scripts, and other strange searches

A glance at my web stats reveals that I’m getting fairly regular hits from scumbags searching for phishing scripts, with queries like “where to find phishing scripts”, “php mailer by Mr.Brain”, “phishing script” etc.

I assume it’s all because, ages back, I wrote about the Mr-Brain.php phishing script.

I also get some other quite strange search hits – some of the stranger including:

  • "is ainsley harriot an arsehole"
  • "girls peeing in the sink"
  • "essex girl"
  • "pissed my pants in front of my girlfriend"
  • "i peed in my panties today blog"

There’s some strange people out there. I can only assume the piss-related hits are due to either If you’re having a bad day or Never piss off a JCB driver.

Oh, and the guy searching for “smoke from breather pipe motorcycle”? I’d say you need to get your engine looked at :)

2 thoughts on “Looking for phishing scripts, and other strange searches”

  1. Never ceases to amaze me what strange searches lead people to my site. I monitor them with MyBlogLog for convenience. I had to put a filter on incoming from live.com as I was getting lots of single word search queries that I guess are spammers looking for sites to attack.

    I don’t blog as much as I’d like to, but I hope someone gets something useful from my site. I’m seeing a lot of people coming via searches for the guitar amp I recently bought and blogged about. I ought to post some more info on that for their benefit.

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