Dancer::Plugin::Database – easy DB connections for Dancer apps

by on Apr.15, 2010, under Dancer web framework, Perl

Last night I finished and released the first version of Dancer::Plugin::Database, a plugin for the Dancer web framework to provide easy database connections using the venerable DBI.

It takes the database connection details from the app config file, and provides a database keyword which will return you a connected database handle (taking care of ensuring that the DB connection is still alive, etc).

So, usage can be as simple as:

my $books = database->selectall_arrayref(
    'select * from books where author = ?', 
    { Slice => {}}, $author

(Calling database() simply returns a DBI database handle, so you can obviously do anything you can do with DBI).

Also, at the moment, if a database connection could not be established for any reason, database() will just return undef, so you will need to handle errors appropriately. After considering whether it’s wise, I may tweak it to die, so that Dancer will handle the failure with a pretty 500 error for you (in which case, I’ll make it possible to disable that via the config).


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