Where my photos end up…

I tried out DuckDuckGo today, and of course one of the things you’ll often use to test a search engine is to search for your own name / online nick for a little bit of egosurfing, and I was surprised just how widely some of my photos from Flickr are used. Most of my images on Flickr are available for use under a Creative Commons attribution licence.

A few of my photos I found widely spread were:

I found this one at:

This image of my laptop turned up at, among other places:

The above image of my old Blackberry was used in a presentation someone gave on teaching keyboard skills to children, too.

This image of the pier in Rossport, Co Mayo (which I also uploaded to the excellent Geograph project) is currently used on the Wikipedia article on Rossport, along with the related Kilcommon and Sruwaddacon Bay entries.

Interesting to see how widely humble pictures can spread :)

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  1. Well nice … i never noticed before DuckDuckGo but it takes results of the serps from Ask Jeeves and Excite or is a different new search engine? Where did u heare about it?

  2. Their FAQ says:

    How do you get your results?
    From many sources, including DuckDuckBot, crowd-sourced sites, BOSS & Bing.

    I think I heard about it on Twitter.

  3. I´m searching for some of my pictures on flickr as well, but they don´t seem to be as widespread as yours! It would be very interesting to see how widely a picture would spread that has gone viral on flickr…

    PS: Thanks for mentioning DuckDuckGo, it seems to be a nice search engine without advertisement, so I will definetely test it out!

  4. it is normal that people use free things. show me that person how pays for every single picture he uses, and i will send you flowers here from Romania :). Why waste money when free things are just in front of us. i think that you can be proud of yourself, not many people can say that their fotos are used like yours. Greetings, Zsolt.

  5. The Rossport photo shows Mayo well. My dad is from Westport, Mayo and most people do not realize just how beautiful the West Coast of Ireland is. It is truly an amazing area that should be put on the must visit list.

  6. LOL Thats too funny because I am 100% sure I had seen that laptop photo before and it was definitely on lifehacker. You didn’t really let us know how duckduckgo was though? Obviously the comparison has to come from google so what did you think?

  7. The internet has made sharing very easy and it is not surprising that some many make both good and bad use of this free source of information. The picture of the aircraft was pretty cool.

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