Dancer::Plugin::DebugDump released

I recently released a dead-simple plugin for Dancer – Dancer::Plugin::DebugDump.

During development, I fairly often find myself using Data::Dump to dump stuff to the debug log (which I usually have set to ‘console’, so it appears in the terminal I’m running the app from), with code like:

use Data::Dump qw(dump);
debug("Random hashref: " . dump($hashref) );

I got fed up with writing that, so I wrote Dancer::Plugin::DebugDump, which lets you say:

# give it a label and a reference/object:
debug_dump("Random hashref:" => $hashref);
# or just give it a reference/object:

It’s not much of a saving, but it scratched an itch, and might possibly be useful to others.