Official Playstation app for Android/iPhone

Sony released an official Playstation app today for Android & iPhone phones.

Just downloaded it (3MB, which seems excessive for what it does so far), to give it a try.

The main feature that appeals to me is seeing who’s online before going and firing up my PS3… I sometimes log in to via a browser, but it’s a bit slow and clunky; I was hoping this would be much slicker.

The first thing that strikes me as an obvious omission – there appears to be no way to sort your friends list by online status (or sort by anything, in fact!), nor to filter to “show online only”, leaving you scrolling up and down looking for online icons, which is hardly friendly.

It does give you access to game reviews/news etc, but that’s nothing particularly special, IMO. I think quickly seeing who’s online and what they’re playing, to decide whether to hop in a quick multiplayer game or not, is the key feature of this app, and it really hasn’t been done well.

EDIT: a comment from Sony on the blog post linked to above:

yes we know about the friend list order issue and we are planning to address this in the next version.

So, looks like it should be sorted at some point :)