Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD 0.03 and Dancer::Plugin::Database 1.24

by on May.09, 2011, under Dancer web framework, Perl

A busy evening’s hacking on Dancer plugins tonight. I’ve released Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD 0.03, which incorporates a new search feature kindly contributed by Alberto Simões which I’ve been meaning to release for a while, along with removing the dependency on SQL::Abstract in favour of the convenience methods provided by Dancer::Plugin::Database, which will make D::P::SimpleCRUD work correctly with PostgreSQL databases too – thanks to Jonathan Barber for reporting this issue in RT #68040.

(I should point out that the problem was not with SQL::Abstract, but with D::P::SimpleCRUD setting the quote_char param to a backtick, which is good for MySQL and SQLite, but not so much for PostgreSQL. The code in D::P::Database uses the quote() / quote_identifer() methods provided by DBI, so should Do The Right Thing for any DBI-supported database engine.)

Also released is version 1.24 of Dancer::Plugin::Database, fixing a bug with the log_queries setting reported today on IRC by Martin P Evans (mpe) – thanks Martin!

As soon as time permits, I intend to add more features and refinement to Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD to make it even more useful. Any contributions would be very welcome indeed – you can fork the Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD repository on GitHub and submit pull requests, or contact me with patches.

(You can also find Dancer::Plugin::Database on GitHub, and if you’re interested in my other projects or “following” me, see my GitHub profile.)

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