Renaming MP3s based on ID3 tags with Perl

As mentioned in my previous post on retagging MP3s by filename, I have a fairly large music collection, and prefer to keep it well organised.

I like the filenames used to always follow the same pattern, so I wrote mp3-rename, a Perl script to rename them based on the filename.

It takes a directory name as an argument (if not provided, it will operate upon the current directory). It will find all the MP3 files within that directory, extract information from the ID3 tags, then display a table showing the renames it will make if you tell it to go ahead, then ask for confirmation.

An example in action:

[davidp@supernova:~]$ mp3-rename /[...]/Rob\ Costlow\ -\ Woods\ of\ Chaos/
The following renames will be performed:
01 - Meant to Be.mp3    -> 00 - Meant to Be - Rob Costlow.mp3                                                           
02 - Reflections.mp3    -> 00 - Reflections - Rob Costlow.mp3                                                           
03 - Semester Days.mp3  -> 00 - Semester Days - Rob Costlow.mp3                                                         

Review the above renames to check the info is correct.

Type 'yes' to go ahead: ?>

(Some lines omitted for brevity)

It uses CPAN modules to do most of the work, including File::Find::Rule to find matching files to work on, Music::Tag to handle the tag processing, and Term::ReadKey to find out the terminal size.