Battlefield 3 open beta starts 29th September

The Battlefield 3 open beta starts this Thursday, 29th September.

You’ll be able to play the “Rush” game mode on the Operation Metro map. The beta will end on October 10.

I’ll definitely be giving it a go, as a taster before the full title is released on October 28th.

Back in August I decided to pre-order Battlefield 3 from Amazon (currently £38.91 for the Limited Edition along with “ exclusive Specact Kit pre-order bonus”), so I’m looking forward to this one :)

I think I’ll need to fit in some time for some more BF:BC2 (and BF3 beta, once it’s out) to brush up on my skills…

One notable change in Rush gameplay from BF:BC2 reported is that the M-COM station objectives cannot be damaged any more – the only way to take them out is by arming the explosives. I would imagine that M-COM stations within destructible buildings can still be taken out by taking down the building, though. I think this is a good decision to stop people trying the old trick of strapping C4 to the UAV and going suicide-bombing, which could be very irritating on certain maps.

Another interesting reported change is that the bomb timer on the M-COM station is extended if a defender starts defusing it just before it blows – the detonation is held off until it’s defused, or until the defender is killed or stops disarming.

The game is looking pretty sweet:

If you’re undecided, grab the beta and see what you think. I find the Battlefield series better fun than the Call of Duty franchise with more tactics and teamwork, rather than simple “run and gun” play.