Disabling reply-all? How stupid!

Apparently, Neilsen has disabled reply-all for all their Outhouse users, to “eliminate bureaucracy and inefficiency”.

What an incredibly stupid idea. Removing a very useful feature, just because a few people use it incorrectly? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

If people were CC’d on a mail you receive, then that mail was relevant to them, and contained info they needed. There’s a good chance your reply will also be something they should read; if that’s the case, you hit Reply All. If your reply is only relevant to the original author, just hit Reply. Really not that hard, is it?

One thought on “Disabling reply-all? How stupid!”

  1. May be this vary from person to person. If he have disabled this one that means this one is not useful for him/her. Whenever he will find it useful he will start using this one again.

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