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SMS::AQL 0.04 released

Finally released SMS::AQL Perl module">SMS::AQL v0.04 to CPAN last night, incorporating improvements kindly submitted by Ton Voon from Altinity.  Thanks Ton!

The changes include better parsing of server responses, documentation improvements, and a new test script using Test::MockObject to exercise the module without actually interacting with AQL or sending messages.   Brilliant stuff.

Altinity look to be a nice company  doing Open-Source data centre management tools, and actively support Open-Source projects by contributing code and bug fixes.

Lyrics::Fetcher v0.4.0 released to CPAN

Just released version v0.4.0 of Lyrics::Fetcher - a Perl module to fetch song lyrics">Lyrics::Fetcher to CPAN… it’ll take a little while to be distributed to the various CPAN mirrors.

Version 0.4.0 introduces the ability to automatically try all available fetcher modules until one suceeds, or pass an arrayref of fetchers to try in order.  Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricsNet has been removed from the package until it can be fixed up (the LyricsNet search doesn’t seem to work at the moment).

Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricWiki 0.01 released

I’ve just written a Perl module to fetch lyrics from and released it to CPAN.

It’s a fetcher designed to be used with Lyrics::Fetcher module on CPAN">Lyrics::Fetcher (although you can also use it directly without Lyrics::Fetcher).

Get Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricWiki module on CPAN">Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricWiki on CPAN now (it’s just been released and will take a little while to reach all the mirrors so if it’s not there when you read this, give it a little while :) )