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Blazing car driven into Glasgow airport

It seems that two men, described by eyewitnesses as Asian, have driven a burning vehicle into Glasgow airport, or at least crashed it into the front doors – it didn’t get into the terminal itself.

Apparently the Jeep Cherokee was on fire before crashing into the building. Police restrained and arrested the two men, with help from members of the public.

A Whitehall spokesman said:

the incident was not being treated as a national security threat however the prime minister is being kept informed of developments and is expected to chair a meeting of Cobra – the emergency committee later.

This comes just a day after a car containing explosives was found in Picadilly in London (and BBC’s news report states two cars, so there must have been another somewhere).

It seems odd that there’s a sudden spate of failed attacks. They don’t sound organised enough to have been carried out by real terrorists, in my opinion – they seem too shoddily-done.

Alternatively, for a nice dose of cynical conspiracy theory: perhaps the government had fake attacks performed to justify continued “war on terrorism” in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. :)
(No, I don’t really believe that to be the case).

A test “aside”

This is a test entry in the “asides” category.  K2 (the WP theme I use) allows “asides”, which are small entries of lower importance than regular blog entries.

I’d like to be able to use that for little trivial updates.  Alternatively, I might try out Twitter and show latest Twitter updates in my sidebar.

First spam got past Akismet

Oh dear – just had a spam comment that got past Akismet.  That’s the first one it’s missed, out of 842 spam comments it caught, so it’s really not that bad :)

The comment included links (as most spammy comments do) so it was held for moderation anyway.

So far I’m dead happy with Akismet.

Akismet rocks! (and spammers are a pain)

My blog hasn’t been running long, but the excellent Akismet has already caught over 100 spam comments for me – with a 100% success rate – no false positives, and none missed either.

Akismet recently cross the big milestone of one billion spams caught – that’s a whole lot of spam! According to the stats, of all submissions passed through Akismet, 95% were spam. With Akismet seeing about 10 million spam messages per day, it’s a good illustration of the scale of the problem.

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