Are all drivers selfish ignorant idiots?

Okay, my first rant post for my new blog :)

Maybe not quite all, but the majority of drivers out there seem to be inconsiderate idiots who care about nobody but themselves.

I ride to and from work in London on my motorbike, and I’ve lost count of the number of times people randomly change lanes without even looking.

Tonight on the way home, I came across a broken down car – a girl, on her own, in the right-hand lane at a set of traffic lights, with a broken clutch cable.  All the other drivers were squeezing past, some even beeping horns and looking generally annoyed, but not one of them bothered to actually see if they could help.  Even when helping push her car across the road into a side-turning where it was safe, people weren’t leaving room, just endlessly trying to fight their way through.

I know London traffic is horrible and we all want to get home as quickly as possible, but c’mon, surely a tiny little bit of common decency isn’t that hard?