Facebook – an effective social network

I’d thought about joining Facebook a few times when friends mentioned it, but never bothered signing up.  To be honest, I think I expected it to be much like MySpace – full of ugly, garish, horribly-“designed” pages filled with immature drivel :)

I gave in the other day when a couple of friends from work recommended it, and I have to say I’m *very* impressed.  It’s full of features to help everyone stay in contact.  I’m particularly impressed with the photo upload tool and the ability to “tag” people in photos – very slick.  It’s a clean, simple design, and there’s plenty of slick AJAXy magic in use, to make the site even nicer to use.

Here’s my profile on Facebook – if you use Facebook, add me as a friend!

One thought on “Facebook – an effective social network”

  1. Facebook has some nice features and is not as horrible as some alternatives. A downside is that you cannot expose anything to people who have not signed up, so they cannot get a taste of it first.

    I’ll keep my http://www.multiply.com page as I have managed to get a few non-techie friends and family on there, but I’ll stick with Facebook too for the people I know there.

    There’s also http://mugshot.org that can combine your feeds from various sites, but that may be too techie for some people. Sometimes I’m not sure where to post things. I’d prefer to do it all on my own site, but it depends on who I want to reach and how there are likely to pick it up.

    Then there’s last.fm, del.icio.us….

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