Too cold and too many muppets

by on Dec.19, 2007, under Motorcycles, Personal

I’m hating the coldness when I ride to + from work at the moment – it’s just too damn cold!

Back on the bike today after a few days of non-riding (weekend, and Monday + Tuesday off work) – the riding was mostly fun, but uncomfortably cold, even with thermal longjohns, jeans, textile bike trousers, two tshirts, two jumpers, textile jacket, WindSkin, neck tube, winter gloves (and boots of course). Bring on summer (or at least our poor excuse for a summer) already!

On the way home, the big matrix signs by the roadside were proclaiming “A1 closed – accident at Stirling Corner – use other route”. I figured it’d probably be wrong, so stayed on the A1 – sure enough it wasn’t closed (unless they’d just re-opened it) but was very heavy, mostly stationary traffic, so good filtering practice :)

When I got almost home, I noticed some muppet with no lights on – yes, no lights at all in the dark. I tried to draw their attention to it several times, as did others. They were behind me, so I pulled over and let them pass so I could get their registration, and reported them to the police for dangerous driving. The police took the details, and promised to send a report out to nearby units in case they’re spotted, and also to pass it on to the “dangerous driving unit” (if there’s such a thing). I doubt that much will come of it, but I hope it’ll at least be held on record, and will be seen if the police ever look up that registration for anything else.

Another day of freezing cold riding tomorrow, then I’ll probably take the train on Friday so I can have a couple of beers after work – what with it being Friday, and more importantly, the last working day of the year :)

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