One hell of a gift voucher!

I placed an order with Amazon today, and applied a gift voucher to it. When I added the voucher, I was quite amazed by the saving it offered:

Amazon huge gift voucher

I had no idea I’d received a 9 billion pound voucher! Unfortunately, it subsequently changed to the correct figure of £20, otherwise I’d have added all of Amazon to my shopping basket :)

3 thoughts on “One hell of a gift voucher!”

  1. You should have been quicker. Can you imagine the queue of delivery lorries to your house?

    Nearest to that I’ve had was a Y2K problem as in Why did the bank take £2K out of my bank account? That took a while to sort out, but eventually they gave us a few quid in compensation.

  2. Yup, and I would have needed a lot more space to store all the stuff (but then I could sell some of it on ebay to buy a new house… don’t think I’d need to keep all £9bn of stuff :) )

    One of my mates had a problem with HSBC taking money from his account – he’d requested a loan, and instead of crediting that amount of money to his account, the system took that amount of money away from him instead! Naturally they put it right, apologised and have him some compensation, so it wasn’t a big deal.

  3. Our unexpected withdrawal took a while to sort out as they charged us interest for being overdrawn. It took a load of calls to sort that out. We ended up changing banks shortly after. At Smile for last few years and pretty happy with them. Get heaps more interest on the current account and complete control over accounts on-line.

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