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Crazy email filtering

PC 200” posted a blog entry about their force’s email filtering system which made me laugh enough to want to mention it here.

They block inbound attachments, which could be a pain, but is sensible enough.

However, they also block “bad” language (as I’m sure the police don’t get subjected to foul language often, and their poor, delicate sensitivities would be mortally offended by it….) – but then send you an email to report that an inbound mail was blocked, describing why:

You’ll get an email which says something along the lines of “you have been sent an email containing offensive or inappropriate language. The language contained is of a value of 60 points. The word was either one of the following or a derivative of: fuck, fucking, fuckers, mother-fucker, fuck-off”.

So, they’ll block the email containing the word that might offend you, then send you an email containing that word and many other alternatives of it!

And the other thing which intrigues me, is that somewhere in the Home Office a committee has sat around a table wondering how many points to give swear words. You can imagine it. A whole afternoon, or more, debating how many points to give ‘bollocks’. “OK, we’ll give ‘bollocks’ 50 points, agreed?” “No, if we give ‘bollocks’ 50 then we have to give ‘arsehole’ 65, surely”, “Yes, but if we give ‘arsehole’ 65 then we have to reduce ‘wanker’ to 63.” “OK, let’s give ‘bollocks’ 45.” “No we can’t do that because ‘balls’ is 45.”

I’ve been reading his blog "200 Weeks" for a while now, well worth a read.

Mohammed the bear on a t-shirt

Ah, chargrilled.co.uk move quickly!

Mohammed T-shirt

(If this is lost on you, see the news story about a teacher out in Sudan who’s been jailed (and will subsequently be deported) for allowing the children in her class to vote on the name for a teddy bear – they chose “Mohammed” as their favourite. Apparently, naming it Mohammed is “an insult to religion”. Meanwhile, to contrast, over here life sentenced reduced to minimum 3 1/2 years for beating a disabled man unconcious, urinating on his body and throwing him into a river to drown? What.. the… fuck?)

Friday fun post

I’ve decided it might be a nice idea to do a fun post each Friday. So, as from today, I’ll be putting up a “fun” post each Friday, with jokes/pictures/videos/whatever to celebrate Friday. This is just a starter, next week’s one ought to be better (as I’ll have more time to put it together, and use my new-found ability to schedule WordPress posts for later publishing to get them ready in advance :)

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One hell of a gift voucher!

I placed an order with Amazon today, and applied a gift voucher to it. When I added the voucher, I was quite amazed by the saving it offered:

Amazon huge gift voucher

I had no idea I’d received a 9 billion pound voucher! Unfortunately, it subsequently changed to the correct figure of £20, otherwise I’d have added all of Amazon to my shopping basket :)