Comment spammer with a conscience?

Lately I’ve seen quite a few comment spams in my Akismet caught spams list starting with “Sorry :(” – is this a comment spammer who actually feels bad about abusing other people’s blogs to advertise crap? (But he still does it – so his morals aren’t that strong :)).

2 thoughts on “Comment spammer with a conscience?”

  1. Akismet does an excellent job of keeping spam out of my comments. Mind you, I rarely get any real comments. This could be because most of my regular readers are seeing my posts via RSS, so don’t see the Comments link. Or maybe I just need to write something more controversial ;)

  2. @Steve:
    The last few times I’ve tried to leave comments on your blog, it hasn’t worked – I think it relied on Javascript or cookies or something (although I did manage to comment on one of your recent entries).

    I don’t get many comments either – I think you’re right, maybe it’s time to be controversial. Or “comment now and win an iPod/flat screen telly/some other prize that doesn’t really exist” :)

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