New NTP server

Been meaning to do this for a while, but I’ve finally set up a new public NTP timeserver.

It’s a stratum-3 server, syncing to several decent stratum-2 servers, and answers to the name of

It’s entered the UK DNS pool, and I’m seeing quite a few requests already – currently my stats show 4.2 requests per second.

NTP is a damn useful tool to keep system clocks in sync and I’ve been using it for ages on all my boxen; it’s nice to be able to help out by sharing the load a little.

Read more info about NTP or about the project. If you have a server somewhere and are willing to help out, the project needs more pool servers to share the load – read more about joining.

2 thoughts on “New NTP server”

  1. Up to 11 requests/sec now, with over 417,000 requests served so far.

    Luckily, ntp requires no hefty processing and uses only small UDP packets, so the CPU and bandwidth requirements are pretty low!

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