Easy CLI option parsing with Getopt::Lucid

I often write Perl scripts which need to read options given on the command line. Normally I turn to the venerable old Getopt::Long which does the job.

However, I was writing a script which needed to be able to accept only certain parameters, which were mostly optional, and also take a list of filenames. I wanted this to be possible in any order, e.g.:

myscript --foo=foo --bar=bar file1 file2
myscript file1 file --foo foo

Getopt::Lucid makes this all pretty easy, and also makes the code pretty self-documenting, too. Straight from the documentation, showing the various types of parameters it can parse:

@specs = (

$opt = Getopt::Lucid->getopt( \@specs );

$verbosity = $opt->get_verbose;
@libs = $opt->get_lib;
%defs = $opt->get_define;

A real-world example,from one of my scripts which handles ID3-tagging:

# The options we can take - these correspond to the name of the tag that
# they'll set:
my @options = qw(track title artist album comment);

my @option_specs = (
    map { Getopt::Lucid::Param($_) } @options,
my $opt = Getopt::Lucid->getopt(\@option_specs);

my @tags_to_set = grep { $opt->{seen}{$_} } @options;
my @files = @{ $opt->{target} };

if (!@tags_to_set) {
    say "Nothing to do.  Use one or more of the options:\n" .
        join ', ', map {'--'.$_} @options;

(The script then goes on to loop over all files, and use Music::Tag to set the ID3 tags requested).