2 thoughts on “WTF, Blood Donor online?”

  1. “Just went to the NHS Blood Donor online portal thingy, and saw the following little gem”

    Maybe, the warning message on the Blood Donor Online site is just their way of promoting their site. But I think people should focus on the main goal of the website and that is to save lives.

    It is said that no company can manufacture blood, because it can only come from people who will give it freely as a gift to those who need it.

    Patrice M. Ellison

  2. Oh, of course – I certainly approve of the goal of saving lives, and think that giving blood is something nearly anyone can give up half an hour now and then to do – half an hour to potentially save someone’s life is worth it to me. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be me needing blood, and I’d like to know that I could be given a transfusion thanks to someone else’s selflessness.

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