SMS spam from 07873517718

Just got a random spammy text message from +447873517718 reading:

Records passed to us show you are entitled to £3750 for your accident for details reply CLAIM

Googling for the number shows nothing of use, so thought I’d whack a quick post up for the benefit of anyone else Googling. Now, I wonder if I can report it, and whether it’ll make any difference?

Apparently, you can forward spam text messages to 7726, for Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Three customers, or 87726 for Vodafone (who I’m with), according to a few sites, but I can’t see that being too useful; for one, forwarded text messages, by default, do not include the originating number.

4 thoughts on “SMS spam from 07873517718”

  1. Maybe they record all the message bodies to form a filter within their system that bins messages that look like spam? Lets face it, in a text message the number can be spoofed dead easy.

  2. Yeah, I wondered if they did something like that – or looked at messages recently received by that phone and tried to match up the message body to find out what the supposed originator was? In the case of the message I received, the originator number presumably is valid, as they wanted to receive replies. (Granted, it’s not necessarily actually the number the message was sent from, but it must be a valid phone which could be reported to the provider in question and shut off.)

  3. Hmm.. it is somehow irritating with all this text messages. Is it useful to report to the telco provider? Or are they the one sell their clients’ number to these spam sites?

    They illegally send out spam text messages regarding personal injury claims in order to data mine.
    They then sell the leads to companies like CONSUMER CLAIMS LTD who then contact people to get the details.
    They in turn sell the information to SOLICITORS.

    LeadX Limited
    Lynnfield House
    Church Street
    WA14 4DZ

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