Ank Air should have considered their logo

Turkey’s World Focus Airlines decided to rebrand their company to “Ank Air” – shame they didn’t think about the consequences of putting that next to their existing “W”-shaped logo :)

Wank Air

3 thoughts on “Ank Air should have considered their logo”

  1. I can appreciate that this would not have been obvious to Turkish focus groups, but you would think that someone would know enough English to spot it. There have been various similar cock-ups with brand names having a different meaning in other languages. I’m too lazy to look for a list, but I believe that Commodore’s Vic and Pet could be rude in German and French respectively.

  2. Yes! It is not a bird. It is the letter “W” and then the brand is wankair and the fuselage looks like a dildo. How sexy!

    C’mon be serious. If someone really sees wankair on that livery, he must do something (!) for himself. lol.

  3. Oh dear god thats ridiculous. I’m going to be looking out for their planes at the next airport I visit.

    Didn’t there used to be a cleaning product called Jif that had to be changed to the European version of Cif because Jif means something like urine in Spanish?

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